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Farm Fence Solutions understands your top priority as a deer and game farmer: keeping your animals secure and safe. It's one of the reasons we recommend high-tensile deer fences in Worthington, IN, from Tornado. They create ideal barriers, helping to protect your valuable stock all year-round. For whitetail deer specifically, we recommend the Titan Fixed Knot 8-foot fence. It offers 6-inch spacing between vertical stay wires, an ideal balance of security and cost-efficiency.

It's important to remember that various fence specifications can meet different requirements. We encourage you to carefully consider your particular needs for specific areas of stock fencing.

For example, though secure perimeter fencing is essential to preventing loss of stock, animal pressure on the fence will be significantly higher where deer or other game are driven through a raceway. You'll need a stronger fence, which is as easy as reducing the gap between vertical wires in the fence (from 6 inches to 3 inches, for example).

In some cases, internal fence specifications can be reduced to lower project costs. Your individual needs will vary depending on the number of deer or game that you farm, as well as the layout of your fenced areas.

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