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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't high-tensile wire hard to work with? Because Grandad said...

This common myth is one we hear quite often from folks that have never used high-tensile wire. At Farm Fence Solutions, we're big proponents of efficiency, so we think that taking a few minutes to learn the basic knots and techniques is well worth your time. Class I low-carbon 9-gauge woven wire was the best material available when Grandad was young. If there had been a stronger, lighter, longer-lasting, and more affordable product around back then, we like to think he would have given it a chance.

Isn't woven wire expensive?

Titan Fence from Tornado is a fixed-knot, high-tensile product that, when installed properly, can be very competitive with the cost of plain high-tensile or barbed wire. We already know that Grandad doesn't approve, so go ahead and space your posts out a little farther. Instead of 8 feet, 10 feet, or 12 feet, go ahead and space them out 25 feet or so. Half the posts equate to quite the savings.

Is there any way to avoid splicing wire?

Farm Fence Solutions carries barbed wire in 1/4-mile rolls, as well as full 1-mile rolls. We stock woven wire in 330-foot, 660-foot, and 1,320-foot rolls. When it comes time to make your join (splice), Gripples are available for increased efficiency.

I can't handle rolls of wire that heavy.

We encourage you to speak with a member of our team about tools and equipment that can help enhance your efficiency without breaking your back (or your bank account).

Can you recommend a contractor to build my fence?

Chances are we know a reliable contractor in your area — just give us a call!

How can I get my fence posts to last longer?

It's worth your time and money to invest in good — quality posts. We recommend creosote-treated posts over CCA-treated posts-because Grandad said so.

I'm not located near Farm Fence Solutions. Can you ship my order?

Farm Fence Solutions ships throughout North America.