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Woven Wire Fences for Every Animal

In the market for a woven wire fence in Worthington, IN? Let Farm Fence Solutions match you with the perfect configuration. As experienced fence contractors, we know there are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right product. Here are a few of the most important:

Height. Think about the animals you're planning to fence in: how tall are they? How high can they jump? Your new fence should be tall enough to prevent escapes.

Configuration. Does the woven wire net need to be buried or turned out an angle? If you're looking to restrict animals that can climb or dig, you'll need to manipulate the net accordingly.

Knot Type. The size, strength, and temperament of the animals being fenced all play parts here. For big and powerful animals, a Titan fixed knot offers extreme strength and durability while creating a highly visible barrier. A Torus stiff stay knot combines strength with a smooth finish, ideal for preventing damage to horses' rugs or hooves. A hinged joint can provide a flexible and cost-effective solution where strength is less of a consideration.

Wire Diameter. Powerful animals require stronger game fencing to contain them (or to keep them out) safely. Although Farm Fencing Solutions offers some 14g specifications for certain uses, such as our poultry fence, the majority of Tornado specifications are 12.5g in diameter. All of Tornado's US products are manufactured with high-tensile steel wire, with Class 3 zinc galvanized coating that meets or exceeds ASTM A641.

Wire Spacing. The spacing between horizontal and vertical fence wires is an essential consideration. The gaps must be small enough to prevent the smallest animals from squeezing through, but large enough fenced animals don't get stuck and injure themselves. Keep in mind that there's usually a trade-off between aesthetic appeal, strength, effectiveness, and overall cost.

Fences by Animal

Learn more about different woven wire fence configurations we recommend based on the animal you're looking to fence in. Follow the links below for more detailed information about each type:






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